SAP Note 325546 - CO line item reports : Creating a user-defined field

Base on sap note 325546, I will give example for add new fields Order type to report KOB1.
  1. Go to tcode SM34 and maintain view table V_TKALV add new fields ZZAUART in structure KAEP_COAC, field group "K".
  2. Go to sap enhancement SMOD and entry Enhancement project COOMEP01 and click button test run. double click include table CI_RKPOS and add new component ZZAUART component type AUFART. Then activated structure CI_RKPOS.
  3. Double click FM EXIT_SAPLKAEP_001. In area Function module double click ZXKAEPU01 to create include file. Add this code 
    CHECK i_rep_object = 'OR'.

    SELECT SINGLE auart INTO cs_record-zzauart
    FROM aufk
    WHERE aufnr = cs_record-aufnr.
  4. Activated ZXKAEPU01 and then actived COOMEP01.
Now you can see in KOB1 fields order type in line item data.



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