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How to handle one SAP T-CODE link to many report/program ?

If you implement SAP more than one company in one machine (client) where few report/program has a same purpose and we have to create few T-CODE for same purpose report/program. The Question is How to create one T-CODE for many report/program.
For handle this
1. Just copy t-code and program in START_REPORT to ZSTART_REPORT and add new dialog screen for input company code and add checking authorization in module user_command.
2. Create table for maintain link between tcode and program name.
    Field                    Type                                 Key
    MANDT              MANDT                            X
    TCODE               TCODE                             X
    BUKRS               BUKRS                             X
    REPORTTYPE    REPORTTYPE                 X
    REPORT             PROGNAME                   X