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SAP Error : System error (termination point Document Number Replacement)

In my SAP System implement splitting document, when try upload journal occurs error below :
Error analysis
    Short text of error message:
    System error (termination point Document Number Replacement)

    Long text of error message:
         An internal error has occurred.
     System Response
         You cannot continue with processing.
         Contact SAP to establish whether the error can only be rectified by
         a program correction, or whether it can also be rectified by
         changes to the settings. There may also be an error in the updating
         of the data which must be resolved.
         Specify the following parameters when reporting the error:
         o   Message           : GLT0/000
         o   Program           :
         o   Termination point : Document Number Replacement

    Technical information about the message:
    Message class....... "GLT0"
    Number.............. 000

How to import SAP Script to Text File

To IMPORT/EXPORT SAP Script we can used standard sap program  RSTXSCRP.