Automat. WIP/results analysis" is not allowed (ORD ...

This from forum SDN but i found the same message when calculate WIP.

I'm confirming a Production Order with quantity less than the Order quantity and then perform a GR for the confirmed quantity. Now if I perform a WIP calculation using KKAX will the system show me a WIP for the difference quantity? or should there be a difference in the confirmed quantity and the GR quantity?

When I try to perform a WIP Calculation for an Order after posting a GR for a lesser quantity than the Order quantity, then system throws an error, ""Automat. WIP/results analysis" is not allowed (ORD xxxx). What could be the reason?

Solution :

U can able to do the WIP of an production order on the below condition :
1.If the order has the status REL (released), the system can calculate work in process.
2.Once the order receives the status DLV (Delivered) or TECO (Technically completed), the work in process calculated in a previous period is canceled

Please check the order status.
Secondly , Check the follwoing
1.Product Cost by Order, default rule PP1 (Production Material Full Settlement) must be entered as the default value for the order type. in OPL8
2.Product Cost Controlling under Cost Object Controlling Product Cost by Order -->Period-End Closing --> Work in Process:
Define Results Analysis Keys
Define Results Analysis Versions
Define Valuation Method (Actual Costs)
Define Line IDs
Define Assignment
Define Cost Elements for WIP Calculation
Define Update
Define Posting Rules for the Settlement of WIP



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