Maximum number of items in FI reached Message no. F5727 Diagnosis The maximum number of items for an FI document ('999') has been exceeded

When our client does posting GI from SD more then 506 lines item we find above error.
And Sap gives suggestion for summarization FI document because when posting to FI line items of document more then 999 line items.

How to customize this FI summarization ?
Just using tcode OBCY to maintain table summarization.
Input "MKPF" in work area and BSEG - Matnr, BSEG - posnr2. This means fields matnr (material no) and postnr2 will be blank in table BSEG, this condition cause FI doc will be summarized.
For billing document just adds work area in OBCY value "VBRK".

I hope this information can help to solve this problem.


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