Step by step Create SAP LIS Report

T.code - :MC18 – create field catalog
1. Characteristic Catalog
Application-01-Sales and Distribution, 02-Purchasing, 03-Inventory Controlling, etc..
Catalog category 1. Characteristic catalog, 2. Key figures catalog 3. Date catalog Select characteristic catalog and enter, click on characteristic select the source table and it will be display the relevant source field and select the source field, copy + close, copy.
Save, similarly create key figures catalog

T.code : MC21 – create infostructure
Example –
Inforstructure : S789
Application – 01
Choose characteristic select the catalog, select the fields, copy + close Choose key figures catalog select the key figures ,copy + close, save and generate

T.code – MC24 – create updating
Infostructure : S789
Update group : 01- Sales document, delivery, billing document ,enter Select the key figures click on rules for key figures give suggest rules, copy save and generate Click on updating (activate updating) Select the infostructure set periodic split 1. Daily, 2. Week, 3. Month, 4. Posting period Updating –1)No updating,2)Synchronous updating (V1), 3)As synchronous updating (V2), 4)As synchronous updating (V3),

T.code – LBW0 - Connection of LIS Information structures to SAPBW Information structure : S786 Select the radio button-Setup LIS environment and Execute.
Select the radio button-Generate data source and Execute.
For Delta update:
Select the radio button-Generate updating and Execute Select the radio button -Activate / deactivate and Execute.

T.code – SBIW – Display IMG (implementation guide) Setting for applications specific data source – logistics – Managing transfer information structure – setup of statistical data – applications specific setup of statistical data –perform statistical setup – sales.
Choose activity
Setup – Orders, deliveries, billing
Choose the activities enter the infostructure (S789), give name of the run, date of termination, time of termination, No. of tolerated faulty documents. Then execute

T.code – RSA3 – Extractor checker
Give the data source name eg. 2LIS _01_S789 and execute, result will get some records Go to BW side replicate data source – Assign infosource – Create infocube – Create update rules – create infopackage and schedule the package with initialize delta process.

For delta update :
In R/3 side
T.code – MC25, set update (V1) or (V2) or (V3)
T.code – LBW0, choose generate updating and execute then choose activate / deactivate and execute
BW side - create infopackage and schedule the package with delta update.
First time if your scheduling the infopackage -in R/3 side T.code :MC25 -Udating set to No update,insted of selecting the update V1,V2,V3.
If your doing the Delta update:in R/3 side T.code :MC25-Updating set to either V1 or V2 or V3. and the to T.code :LBW0 -Select the radio button Active/deactivate and Execute.
and schedule the infopackage with delta update.
Modules for LIS : SD,MM, PP,QM.

Deltas for LIS:
After setting up the LIS environment, 2 transparent tables and 1 extract structure is generated for this particular info structure. Within transaction SE11 you can view the tables ‘SnnnBIW1’, ‘SnnnBIW2’ and the structure ‘SnnnBIWS’ and the InfoStructure itself ‚Snnn‘
The tables S5nnnBIW1 & SnnnnBIW2 are used to assist the delta update process within BW.
Extract structure ‘SnnnnBIWC’ is used as an interface structure between OLTP InfoStructure and BW
The OLTP system has automatically created an entry in the control table ‘TMCBIW’. Within transaction ‘SE16’ you’ll see, that for your particular InfoStructure the field ‘BIW active’ has the value ‘X’ and the field ‘BIW status’ is filled with value ‘1’ (refers to table SnnnBIW1).
The orgininal LIS update program ‚RMCX#### will be enhanced within the form routines ‚form Snnnbiw1_update_....‘ and ‚form Snnnbiw2_update
With the transaction ‘SE38’ you’ll see at the end of the program starting at line 870 / 1006, that the program is enhanced within a ‘BIW delta update’ coding
Within the flag ‚Activate/Deactivate‘ the update process into the delta tables (SnnnBIW1/Sn5nnBIW2) is swichted on/off. In the table ‚TMCBIW‘ is defined, which table is active for delta update.
Note: The delta updating is client dependent !

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